Trebor Lawton

Co-Founder & CSO

Trebor is Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Abyssinia Biologics where he leads the research and development efforts with academic collaborators. He is also responsible for developing and delivering on strategic decisions in connection with Abyssinia’s R&D and commercialization goals. Trebor received his degree in cellular and molecular biology from Connecticut College and has a demonstrated history in organizing the business and scientific components of research operations. An entrepreneur at heart, after graduation he designed and executed a publicly funded initiative to detect vector-borne disease biomarkers in patient samples collected at a state-wide level from MaineGeneral Health walk-in clinics. His experience expands beyond the decision-making room and into the wet lab where he has been involved in developing monoclonal antibodies to various fungal targets with Aliquot and Niche Diagnostics. Outside of work, Trebor leads an active lifestyle by surfing, skiing, hiking, and hunting.