Stefan Schiesser

Associate Principal Scientist

Stefan joined AstraZeneca in June 2016 as Senior Research Scientist in medicinal chemistry, where he was rapidly promoted to Associate Principal Scientist in March 2017. Since January 2019 Stefan is leading the chemistry program of various early phase projects. He is also the editor of two AZ internal journals to update colleagues on recent trends in medicinal chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry.
Before joining AstraZeneca Stefan completed his postdoc with Prof. Movassaghi at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA) and his Ph.D. with Prof. Carell at the University of Munich (Germany).
Stefan has successfully led various academic collaborations and was invited to give presentations across Europe. Additionally, Stefan gives annual lectures in the master's program at various universities across Sweden. Stefan is the author of 18 peer-reviewed publications, which were cited more than 500 times, and 1 patent application.

09.30 - 10.00 AM

Friday 20th May

Presentation 2

How Innovative chemistry can advance drug Discovery