Elana (Hariton) Gazal

Head of Pharmaceutical Research

Skilled in analytical chemistry, formulation development, chemistry, and team management.
Focusing on science and people development.

Analytical chemistry

  • Method development and troubleshooting HPLC/UPLC/UHPLC; GC, MS, IR, UV
  • Validation
  • Compliance and 21 CFR part 11 on Empower Formulation development
  • Topical, oral, and vaginal foams, ointments, and lotions

Organic synthesis:

  • Design and synthesis of small molecules, peptides, and peptide libraries


  • Immunoassay development and optimization (ELISA, automated system)
  • Cell culture
  • Protein structure analysis, AAA, Glycosylation, peptide mapping
  • Protein expression, purification, and characterization of proteins (SDS-PAGE)
  • FPLC and protein/antibody purification (SEC/IEX/HIC)

Project Management

  • Projects and team management, including planning, budgeting, timelines (MS Project), team alignment, matrix work with R&D, RA, QA, and MFG
  • Technical support, Timely Reports, and Risk Assessment
  • Leading and Management of large (10-15) and small teams (3-5)
  • Creating Training plans and agendas
  • Regulatory submission from IND to NDA
  • Design for Six Sigma and DOE (Design of Experiments)
  • Interview and resources selection training
  • Training and presentation skills and expertise