Dr. Subadra Dravida


S Dravida is the Founder CEO of Transcell Biologics Pvt. Ltd www.transcellbio.science, innovating new vistas in healthcare/biotechnology industry and markets from India. She is an entrepreneurial technocrat of global standing having worked in the USA, Canada and India in the domains of stem cell research/biobanking and product development. She has unique blend of skills of wet lab, product development to managing business.
Under her stewardship, Transcell Biologics, a knowledge driven technology investing entity has evolved from its inception as an R&D unit to a fully integrated biotechnology enterprise encompassing a well balanced business portfolio offering indigenous technologies on biobanking, in vitro products for drug discovery research, intellectual property in regenerative medicine/Immunotherapy for clinical practice.
She is a biologist by education with clinical informatics research experience having associated professionally with the University of North Carolina, USA, Ottawa Health Research Institute, Canada. S Dravida has peer reviewed publications and patents to her credit. She holds IP in the field of large scale cell productions & novel druggable formulations. Outside of work, she explores Monasteries, night skies and reads Science fiction.
A quote that she relates to: It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting and when your dream is with real intent and true, the whole universe will conspire and make you realize the dream