Daisuke Morishita


DAISUKE MORISHITA (Ph.D.) is the Chief Scientific Officer at Chordia Therapeutics and leads research initiatives developing cancer treatments that change lives. Prior to founding Chordia in November 2017, DAISUKE invested ten years working on oncology therapeutics at TAKEDA pharmaceutical company, focusing on cancer-related RNA networks. As the industry-academia collaboration representative at TAKEDA, DAISUKE led the CTX-177 drug discovery research. Through the success of the CTX-177 research program, DAISUKE was invited and currently holds an associate professorship at Kyoto University to pursue research into therapeutic strategies in cancer-related RNA networks and adjunct professorships at Kumamoto University and Nagoya City University to produce next-generation anti-cancer drugs. DAISUKE received a Ph.D. in oncology from the University of Tokyo.

09.00 - 09.30 AM

Friday 20th May

Presentation 1

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