Chris Witowski, PhD

Chris Witowski, PhD

Chris Witowski, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO


Dr. Witowski is an accomplished chemist with 15 years experience in drug discovery and formulation. As an early employee of AltMed (now CSE:$VRNO), he helped build vertically-integrated cannabis operations with management of product development, commercialization, and $100 million annual manufacturing. Intellectual property was captured in the form of patents on THC and CBD infused transdermal gels, patches, nebulizers, inhalers, and oral micellar delivery systems.

In 2019 Dr Witowski co-founded Psilera, a leading biotechnology company specializing in the clinical development of next-generation CNS drugs to target mood and addiction disorders. Psilera has a robust pipeline containing non-invasive formulations of the endogenous psychedelic DMT which can have optimized clinical and out-patient use. Our expansive drug library of new chemical entities (NCEs) was selected by BRAIN, an advanced computational platform, to identify NCEs with optimized side effect profiles and targeted therapeutic effects. Psilera leverages its research strengths and pharmaceutical background to repurpose psychoactive natural products as building blocks for next-generation therapies to improve mental health.

The future of human health will become more personalized which is further evidenced by the reemergence of cannabis and psychedelic therapies. I have personally witnessed the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease and depression first-hand and have made the discovery of therapeutics to improve mental health my mission.

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